Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shopaholic's Corner: H&M France -Tennis Shoes

At the end of Spring / beginning Summer, I stopped by the store, H&M in Semecourt, France. The sole purpose was to take a look at the possible items that would be on sale for the summer sales. But you know me, I have a hard time going out of a store empty-handed.

One glance at these tennis shoes and I knew I wanted a pair for myself. I hesitated at first though because I bought a pair of ballerines in the past and I found the shoes were too narrow for my large feet. This time proved me right. The colors are beautiful and they seem to be of good quality, but note to self, shoes at H&M are not made for my large feet. The best thing though is the foot massage from my loving husband at the end of the day.

Shopping Bag - Store: H&M France (click here for the link)
Tennis Shoes (Bleu / Cachemire) - 14.99 Euros


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