Thursday, July 9, 2015

Vapiano in Luxembourg Ville, Luxembourg

So I mentioned that we spent the afternoon in Luxembourg the other day (click here for the post). Naturally, we thought we would stay in the city for dinner. Our original plans were to eat at the Filipino Restaurant Bar, but unfortunately we were told that they didn't serve dinner. We didn't know what to do and we asked ourselves where we could go. By then, we were walking towards the car park which was close to the train station. We walked by the restaurant Vapiano, looked at each other, and mentally asked - why not?!

Six days later, I can't help myself but think - WHY?!?

The place had everything to please us. We walked in and we were immediately in awe by the interior. A mixture of modernity and country-style.

We were welcomed by a male receptionist who tried to explain to us the original concept of the restaurant. We were each given a magnetic card, which we had to swipe every time we ordered our food. We had to go to each cooking station to order our food and wait for the chef to cook the food in front of us. It's original - a mixture of the classic restaurant and self-service. Unfortunately, it was a bit confusing and I can't help but wonder how we managed to get our orders. Thankfully, there weren't a lot of diners so we asked the chefs for help.

The Pasta Cooking Station.

The concept is original and they do use fresh ingredients. But I'm not particularly fond of waiting 20 minutes to watch the chef cook my food. I'd rather sit comfortably at the dining table with a pre-dinner cocktail in my hand. But that's just me.

So instead of watching the chef, who wasn't particularly friendly (a smile wouldn't hurt my friend), my eyes wandered around.

This place is really beautiful!

After a confusing start, I hoped the rest of the meal would fare better. So I chose a table by the window with a view of the train station and hoped for the best.

But instead everything went downwards.

I ordered a Smoked Salmon Pizza with a Creamy Pesto Sauce (14.40 Euros) for SO. I specifically asked for no spinach and guess what arrived at the table??? A pizza with barely any salmon, but more than 2 handfuls of raw spinach. Oh joy!

I ordered one of the current specials, the Pasta Shanghai (11.90 Euros), to celebrate their first opening in China. According to their menu it's made of succulent leg of duck, crisp pak choi, and carrots in a spicy soy-chili-sauce.

I'm not sure about the succulent leg of duck (the duck was sliced so thinly that you really couldn't make anything of it). However, the sauce was as spicy as I thought it would be, albeit a tad too oily.

So, can anyone guess what kind of pasta dish this is?

This was supposed to be Pasta Carbonara (11.90 Euros). I say supposed to be because it looked and tasted nothing like it! So, originally, MR wanted Spaghetti as his choice of pasta, but unfortunately they ran out. It's 7PM on a Saturday night, there aren't a lot diners, and they ran out of Spaghetti. Okkkaaayyy, that's not a good thing. So he chooses linguine instead. And when the dish is finally ready to be eaten, we are served overcooked and mushy pasta. It's simple, if you thought of twirling the pasta with your fork - you couldn't. Hmmm... al dente, just the way everyone likes their pasta. *insert sarcasm* So I'm told Carbonara is supposed to be creamy. I can't help but wonder if the pasta chef knows the difference between creamy and oily. Look at the photo above and imagine that in your mouth. Ugghh... It's safe to say that this is easily the worst Carbonara we ever had in our life.

As we were paying, the male receptionist asked what we thought of our meal. I don't usually like saying anything or having conflicts (you never know how the person will react), but for the price we paid for pasta, pizza, and water (the bottle was priced at 4 Euros), I felt obliged to say something. Plus we left 3/4 of the plate untouched. So I told him what I thought. Want to know what he replied? "Oh that's too bad. The pasta chef is my supervisor so I probably shouldn't say anything."
And that was just the cherry on top. 

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