Saturday, August 29, 2015

Le Musée du Bonbon Haribo / Haribo Museum in Uzès, France

After driving an hour and a half, we were finally at our second stop - Le Musée du Bonbon Haribo / Haribo Museum in Uzès, France. As you can probably imagine, this stop was for our daughter, SO. Since her birthday was on the last day of our trip, MR and I decided to spoil her with surprises during the trip, including this one.

Finding our way to the museum was quite easy. Personally, we used the car's GPS. We followed the instructions and drove until we saw the museum with its huge parking lot on the right side of the road. When we got there at 9:30AM, there was already quite a number of tourists and visitors.

Our almost 7 year old daughter was beyond ecstatic when she realized where we were. Of course, Haribo candies are her favorite. In fact when she was younger I remember her trying to convince me to buy her a pack of candy because it was "bon pour la santé" or good for the health. LOL.

Anyways, after waiting a couple of minutes in line, we were finally in.
Entrance prices are 7 Euros/adult and 5 Euros/child.

After paying, we were given a guide of the museum, free packs of Tagada candies, tokens, and discount coupons for the children's outdoor park.

The first part was learning about the history of the Haribo candies - where it originated and how it progressed through the years. We also spent a couple of minutes watching a detailed video about Haribo.

In another section of the museum was the area dedicated to Ricqles. We had to walk on a small bridge to get to this building.

I can still remember my late father eating Ricqles mint candies. I learned today that there was also mint alcohol and soda.

The second part of the museum were the interactive games. SO and her father liked this area very much!

Old machines that were once used in making the candies.

Next up were the 3 packing machines. This is where the free tokens given in the beginning are used for. You simply choose one of the 3 machines : Dragibus, Car-en-Sac, and Floppy. Insert a token and watch and wait for the machine to individually wrap packs of candies you can bring with you. SO was fascinated by the process.

And for the final act, the gift shop. A room filled with lots and lots of candies, clothes, and decors and smelling beautifully of sweets. I can totally understand how one can lose their mind in here. In fact, we saw people coming out with kilos and kilos of candies. We resisted the urge because we were still in the beginning of our vacation trip but the temptation was hard to resist!

Overall, I think this was a great place especially for kids. But we also thought that for 7 Euros per adult and 5 Euros per child, it was quite expensive considering that you can tour the museum in an hour. Now that we've been here, we won't be coming back. If we do, it will be probably to visit the gift shop only, which thankfully you can access without paying the entrance fee.

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