Saturday, January 23, 2016

Fish Stall in Port Barcares, France

When I read online that it was possible to buy fresh fish straight from the fishermen, I quickly took note of the address and the hour schedule. In fact, the first place we went off to when we arrived at Le Barcares was the beach. We walked around and by surprise stumbled upon the fishermen's huts. I figured that it would be the area where we could buy fresh fish and made a mental note to come back the next morning when it was opened.

Les Cabanes des Pecheurs de Coudalère

As I mentioned earlier, we stumbled upon the fishermen's huts as we were strolling around the beach. We also saw some of the old boats that the fishermen used to work with. These are now used as decorations on display for the locals and tourists to look at.

The next morning came and as promised we went back to the fish port for the fresh fish.

There were so many choices to choose from that I admittedly felt a bit overwhelmed at first.
I wasn't familiar with a lot of the fish, so it was quite interesting.

But I finally settled for some Saurel Fish, which is apparently quite common in the Mediterranean and is fished a lot of times with sardines and anchovies.

I simply pan-fried the Saurel Fish and drizzled with lemon juice before eating.

Obviously we went back for more during our week stay in Le Barcares.
Unfortunately, we ended up going there just twice.

One day we were able to see the fishermen come back with their catch of the day.

Watch the birds hoping for their catch of the day! :p

Here's what we got the second time around:

Mussels ....

... and some local shells.

Both went in a creamy and tasty dish that we absolutely loved.
Today, I realized how much our almost 7-year old daughter loves Mussels. <3 <3<3


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