Thursday, January 7, 2016

Street Markets in Le Barcares, France

Local Street Markets have always fascinated me. I love walking and looking around because there is always something interesting to find. Usually selling local products, you can be sure to find products that come from a nearby farm, orchard, or from a local artist. It is great to get souvenirs to give to friends, family, or even yourself. I am always for the look-out of something unique and that's why I love it. Plus, I also love buying fresh fruits and vegetables in street markets rather than in supermarkets.

There were several street markets in Le Barcares. Some were happening only in the morning, while others were nocturnal. We preferred the morning markets, but unfortunately there were a lot of people.

We grabbed a brochure from our camping site to check out the schedules. One of the markets we liked a lot and was convenient for us was the Marché de la Place de la Republique.

We found everything we were looking for in this market: fresh food, local products, and local crafts.

On the left: Fideuà - On the right: Paella 

Another morning market that we liked going to was the Marché Terre et Mer near the fishermen's huts, mainly because we regularly came to buy fresh fish and seafood from the fishing vendors. We usually made a quick stop at the market to get vegetables and fruits to accompany our fish and seafood. 

One day, we were calmly walking in the market when we were asked by a man if we would be interested in a Roasted Chicken. Apparently, he was giving away for free the chicken he failed to sell that day.

We were more than glad to accept. Plus, we were given Roasted Potatoes to go with the chicken and they turned out to be the best potatoes I've had in a while. Hmmm ... I can't help but wonder how they prepared them!


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