Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Beach in Le Barcares, France

Our choice of spending our vacation at the beach this year was obvious. It had been 4 years since I last saw the beach. For someone who lived most of her life on an island, I was slowly losing my mind and getting impatient. So when we finally made it to Le Barcares, the first thing we did after checking in our accommodation was head to the beach. It was late afternoon and the skies were turning gray, so we vowed to come back the next day when the sun would be out. But I stood without moving for a minute, my feet in the sand, and breathed in the sea air and I swear I felt better.

MR and I grew up in the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines. As much as we loved the beach in Le Barcares, I'm not going to lie - it does not compare to the beach back home. I'm not being bias. But it was quite nice and I understood why lots of tourists liked this destination.

Nothing but a shining blue sky.
How could we not be happy?!?

Our best moments this vacation were hands-down:

*swimming in the Mediterranean Sea

*taking afternoon naps together on the sand

*and playing in the sand.

We never wanted to leave the beach!!!

I read somewhere that the beach in Le Barcares was 8 kms long. That's probably why we never felt crowded on the beach despite the number of tourists present. We felt it walking in the streets and in restaurants, but never on the beach which was really nice!


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