Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top à la Vachette - Labat in Le Barcares, France

On one of our first nights in Le Barcares, we decided to check out the show - Top à la Vachette. It was something I had read online, but I wasn't so sure about it. We finally decided to go for it when we saw an advertisement that afternoon. We were a bit hesitant because for a summer night, it was a bit chilly and thankfully I brought jackets with us. I'm not sure if it was the suspense of the show or the cold night, but we were shivering at times.

At 8:45PM, we were waiting in our seats for the 9:30PM show to start. It is in an open space, with no seat numbers. Come early for the best seats.

We paid 12 Euros each and for SO 6 Euros for a 1 hour and a half show. Audience members are encouraged to register and join the games. I teased MR, but he adamantly refused. When I saw how badly hurt some of the participants were, I was glad he didn't do it.

The show started with the appearance of the mascot. Lola the Bull.

Then it was time for the different games.
Basically, whoever signed up had to get in the arena and try to avoid getting hit by the bull, while following the rules of the games announced by the host.

It's quite brutal, in my opinion. The four ways to avoid getting hit were going in the pool, climbing the side railings, hiding behind the safety post, or lying flat on your stomach on the ground. However, this wasn't always 100% safe and sometimes people ended up getting a bit hurt anyways.

There was also one game for women which was way less brutal. It was a ride-a-donkey race.

There were some falls, but no major injuries.

Unlike for the men. We held our breath at times hoping that no one would get hurt.

At the end, a couple of men were hurt. One particularly had to be taken away by ambulance. Although it might seem like a fun idea to join the games, always be prudent and not too overconfident. Anything can happen.

The stars of the show!!! :) 


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