Sunday, February 21, 2016

Les Terrasses de la Cité in Carcassonne, France

Like I mentioned in the first post I wrote about Carcassonne (click here for the post), we didn't have a specific restaurant in mind - just a particular dish. So after touring around by foot, we stopped at Les Terrasses de la Cité for lunch.

The Cité de Carcassonne is filled with restaurants, shops, and tourists. Thankfully, I noticed that there was always a table or two free in the restaurants. Especially in the terraces, because when the weather is this good, we like to eat out as much as possible.

Most people feel the same way.
Obviously in winter when it's cold outside, staying is much appreciated, but we long for the days where we can finally eat outside. So like today, we make the most out of it.

La Foie Gras (13.90 Euros) - verte, tomate, oignons, gésiers, foie gras, toast, amandes effilées
                                               - green salad, tomato, onions, duck gizzard, foie gras, bread toast, sliced                                                  almonds

I grew up with a father who thought a salad was just a starter to a main dish. I later learned that it isn't always the case. La Foie Gras Salad was composed of some of my favorites and was filling enough to last me the whole day.

MR had the local specialty - Cassoulet aka the dish he was looking forward to eat. It was served piping hot in its traditional dish. Personally, I thought it was missing a small green salad on the side.

Cassoulet maison au confit du canard (14.90 Euros) - haricots lingots, saucisse grillée, cuisse de                                                                                               canard confit
                                                                                    - white beans, grilled sausage, confit duck leg

Cassoulet is a real heavy dish, but it's so delicious. Just don't be afraid of calories - it's full of carbs, full of fat, but full of flavour too! You can be sure MR loved it.

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