Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Luna Park in Le Barcares, France

How was our night life in Le Barcares you might ask? Non-existent!
Which is pretty much understandable because we were travelling with our almost 7 year old daughter. So if you ask me what is there to do at night time, I'm not quite sure. I'm certain there must some activities for couples or group of friends, but our nights were pretty mellow. Watching the Top a la Vachette show (click here for the post), spending time with my cousin and her family, going to bed early after a looonng day, or even fooling around in Luna Park.

The Luna Park is your typical fun fair.
Children rides, adult rides, arcade games, cotton candy, ice cream, and many more.

We came here twice and both times we really had a lot of fun.

I have to admit that MR and I are two big kids deep inside. There's nothing like a scary ride to make us really laugh.

SO personally prefers to stay away from the scary rides and instead likes calm rides.

Of course at some point, we had to take a break and feed ourselves something sweet.

And surprise surprise, I had the CREAMIEST ice cream I've had in a long time.
Creamy Pistachio - Chocolate - one of my faves!
Looking back, I wish I had a second one. Hmmm ... what I would do to have one of those right about now.

I read somewhere that the fun fair only lasts two months in the year (July and August). It makes sense since I doubt there are as many people in Le Barcares or around the area during the rest of the year.

Anyways, we really had a good time. It's family-friendly, the people are nice, the location is convenient by the main road with a large parking area not too far from it, and the prices for the rides are not too steep.

For contact details, please click here. 


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