Sunday, March 27, 2016

Grand Hotel Basilique in Lourdes, France

After Carcassonne, our next stop was Lourdes. At this point, driving long distances was becoming easier and the 3-hour drive went by easy. The hardest part was when we finally arrived in Lourdes and we were looking for the hotel. When I booked our hotel room, I knew there was no private parking and we would have to look for some elsewhere, but truthfully I didn't think it would be this complicated. We eventually found a parking, not so far from the hotel, but it's really difficult when you're not familiar with the area.

There were quite a few number of hotels in the area. Understandable as this is a real tourist area. Some hotels had their own private parking, but I chose to favor the fact that the hotel had a super location. Right next to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

At first glance, the Grand Hotel Basilique in Lourdes seems like a chic and modern hotel.
At a closer glance, I realized that most of it was stuck on (like the floor) and cheap. Sorry.

My favorite spot was in the entry way because of its beautiful chandelier.
I doubt that it was made of crystal, but I loved the design.

Room 101. Not recommendable. Only this room though, not the hotel.

I reserved our room through the website, Booking (click here), for 50 Euros a night. Pretty cheap for the area.

We had a pretty basic room : 3 single beds, a television, a closet, telephone, desk, free wi-fi, and a window overlooking the street. Oh, by the way, this room doesn't have air-conditioning. Apparently, it has heater for the winter though.

I thought that unlike the lobby of the hotel, the design of the room was old and probably needed a refreshing. But those are not the reason why I wouldn't recommend this room. The reason is coming up next.

If there is one thing I am particular about is the bathroom.
The bathroom was exactly in the image of the hotel.
Aesthetically - nice, but .... the bathroom had a bad stink. 

Unfortunately, as soon as we arrived and dropped our bags, we went out and we stayed out well until midnight. And at midnight, I didn't feel like complaining nor moving to another hotel room. So we tried to clean a bit, but when we realized there was nothing we could do to prevent the stink, we just decided to close the door and go to sleep.

It wasn't so bad, except when we opened the door then we were brought back to reality. The harsh and stinky reality. Thank God we were staying only one night here.

This was the view from our hotel window. Despite the proximity to the street, the noise didn't bother us. It was kinda cool looking at the people walking to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes (which was less than 100 meters away by the way).

For 50 Euros a night in Lourdes, anyone would think this was a great deal. Unfortunately, everyone has got a deal breaker and mine is the bathroom. I don't mind having a tiny and poorly decorated bathroom as long as there is no bad odour. I can't help, but think of our overnight stay in the Premiere Classe near Valence (for 37.50 Euros) with a small, but super duper clean bathroom (click here for the post).

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