Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cafe Les Brancardiers in Lourdes, France

After the night procession (click here for the post), we finally noticed how hungry we actually were. We ate some bread earlier in the evening, but it just wasn't enough. Since we moved to France, I noticed that we've been following a lot of the French living guidelines, including not snacking between meals. But heck, we were on vacation and on vacation there are no rules. Nothing wrong with night snacking.

As we were walking in the streets out of the sanctuary, we decided to look for a place to grab something quick to eat. As it turns out, we weren't the only ones. Problem was not a lot of places were willing to accept diners at 10:30PM.

Thankfully, the Café Les Brancardiers was open for clients who wanted to to eat or have a drink.

One thing that I loved about Lourdes was how international the city was. A lot of times we heard several languages spoken at the same time and sometimes we jokingly wondered if we were still in France. I noticed that our waiter this evening was capable of speaking several languages and I enjoyed seeing him switch to a different language for each table he waited for.

MR and I shared this simple traditional salad made of green salad, tomatoes, black olives, and local dried ham and cheese. The salad itself wasn't extraordinary but I absolutely loved the cheese! :)

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