Saturday, May 14, 2016

Beef & Co in Metz, France

MR and I have taken the decision to move out and move in a house or apartment closer to work (and the city). This was a particularly hard decision to make because we currently live surrounded by family members, but in the city, with the exemption of some friends, we know no one. But we made a pro and con list, and ultimately, moving out made more sense. We each spend an hour and a half - two hours per day driving to and from home and it's becoming tiring. Not to mention a waste of time and extra expenses for the car. We haven't told any of my family members yet. Actually, I'm not quite sure how the news will be taken, but we have officially started looking for a house or apartment for rent. We decided on a 1-year transition period before buying our own place.

We have about 3 months before our expected moving day. Today, we visited the second apartment that we were really interested with from the photos online. Forget the first apartment we visited - it was fine but the school area was so scary-looking it gave me goosebumps! Anyways, today's apartment had an equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilets, 3 rooms, a cellar, and a parking spot. It was within our budget and in an area we liked. Unfortunatelyyyyy, there was no definite space for a dining room (sucks when you want to invite guests), had no space for a freezer (no-no because I have access to great cow meat by my brother-in-law), and was on the ground floor (no balcony or outside access). We quickly rejected the real estate agent's offer to proceed.

We did, however, proceed to have dinner. In the morning, I had reserved a table for dinner at the restaurant, Beef & Co in Metz, France. I've eaten in this restaurant 3 times before (once with a friend and twice with work trainees). I've always been fully satisfied and so I thought it would be great to come here with my family this time.

We were given a table in the terrace. Thankfully, the weather was good enough to eat outside. Although we are in the middle of Spring, we haven't really had great weather yet. We had a lovely view of what I believe is the city's golf course. I've always wondered if the restaurant has ever had problems with golf balls. Anyways ..

I'm a big fan of this fountain. I thought it was beautiful and the sound of the water was very calming.

MR and I decided to order the "Menu Plaisir"  (27 Euros) which was composed of a starter + main dish + dessert.

It was particularly hard to make a choice from this wonderful menu! 

To accompany our meal, MR had a glass of red wine, while I had some rosé.
Of course, we also had a bottle of water.

I started my meal with:

Terrine de Joues de Porcelet Mijotées au Vin Blanc et Méli-Melo de Salade
Terrine of Piglet Cheeks Simmered in White Wine and Mixed Salad

MR had a Salad César / Caesar Salad, which he liked a lot.

SO had the kiddie meal which was composed of a main dish + dessert.

She chose the Bouchée a la Reine et Pommes Frites. This was a French-style chicken pot pie with French Fries. Much to my surprise, she finished her whole plate and even got a piece of bread to wipe her plate clean! I was very much amused and happy.

All the dishes I've already tried before (Grilled Beef, Seared Duck, and Braised Lamb Shank) were excellent and I wanted to try something new today.

Eating raw beef is always a bit particular, but with time I've come to really love Tartare de Boeuf Haché / Beef Tartare. If you ever want to try eating this dish, make sure of the quality of the meat. Thankfully, Beef & Co works with fresh meat of very good quality.

In the past, I tried the braised lamb and I found it absolutely delicious. When MR was making his choice of main dish, I suggested this dish.

Souris d'Agneau Braisée au Thym Frais et Pommes Purée
Braised Lamb Shank with Fresh Thyme and Mashed Potato

It's definitely one of the best dish on the menu. Excellent lamb, excellent potato, and excellent sauce!

The first time I ate in Beef & Co, I decided to try the:  

Carpaccio d'Ananas, Jus d'Orange Caramélisé et Sorbet Pomelos
Pineapple Carpaccio, Caramelized Orange Juice, and Grapefruit Sorbet 

This has become my all-time favorite dessert ever. Especially in the summer. If I eat out, I usually prefer to end my meal with a fruit or something fruity. So this is the perfect dessert for me! MR is not much of a fruit-lover, which is why I suspect he would have preferred to end his meal with something chocolatey. 

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