Friday, June 10, 2016

Hotel Les Messageries - Le Nautilus in Saint Flour, France

The final part of our summer trip turned out to be the toughest. Two hours and a half after leaving Albi (click here for the post), our car broke down. Oh great. :(

As we were driving on the highway A75, the red light STOP lit in the dashboard of our car. Not a good thing. Thankfully, we were on a highway rest stop. We stayed there while I called the insurance company, Groupama. We waited for the car mechanic to arrive, tow the car, and give us a ride to his shop. From there, we said good-bye to Charlotte, the car, and boarded a taxi to our hotel (c/o the insurance). In the absence of a rental car, we were given a hotel room with breakfast and train tickets to get home. All I wanted to do once we got in the hotel room was to lie down in bed, pretend that this day didn't happen, and sleep. Which I did, but unfortunately, this day did really happen.

We didn't get to visit the city of Saint-Flour. Honestly, I wasn't up for it.
The few photos we took were taken from the front of our hotel.
We did notice that there were 2 parts of the city - the higher and the lower.

Hotel Les Messageries - Le Nautilus.
Apparently, there is another one in the higher city. It seems to be more modern.
The one we stayed in was in the lower city, near the train station, and definitely not modern.

The place had a certain kind of charm. Homey, unpretentious.

There was also a swimming pool. It was raining that day so we didn't take advantage of it. We weren't in the mood anyways.

The children's playground

The adult's playground.

We were given a room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed.
Although it was clean from a first look, it isn't a room we fell in love with. The design was truly outdated. The furniture, the wallpaper, the decors, the linens. It was all old.

Again, the bathroom (with a shower) was clean, but old and outdated.
Gosh, just take a look at the hair dryer hanging on the wall. Fits with the old look.

The terrace that came with the room.
Unlike the room, this needed some cleaning up.

Like I said earlier, we decided to go to sleep early. We quickly ate what we could find in our bags and dozed off for the rest of the night. At this point, I just wanted to get home already.

Just some of the decors in the dining hall.
I couldn't help but wonder when that giant magnum champagne bottle was opened and enjoyed.

Breakfast time.

The buffet table.
I don't know how much they asked for the breakfast buffet, but it was very limited.
A Continental Breakfast - breads, cereals, jam
I was missing something - cheese, eggs, waffles, pancakes, sausages, cold cuts ...

Fresh orange juice.
Always a good thing.

Fruit Jam - apricot, rhubarb, peach, plum, raspberry, blackberry ...
I might be wrong, but these babies look homemade.

Buttered Croissant and Baguette - so very French!

SO had a bowl of 2 kinds of cereal and milk.

I just wanted fresh fruits - peche plate / donut peach, apricot, and cherries

Since we would be taking the train to Paris and then home, I figured I would fill my tummy a bit more.
I settled for a bowl of plain yogurt topped by fresh fruits.

And then it was time to check-out from the hotel.
The next part of our trip was by train.
Saint Flour > Clermont Ferrand > Paris Bercy > Paris Gare de l'Est > Metz (then finally a taxi ride home)

I think that might have been the original train station.
Looks like it, although I'm not completely sure.

Our hotel room was about 5 minutes away by foot from the train station. Pretty convenient.
More convenient than being in the higher part of the city, although I suspect the lower city is less pretty.

Waiting for our train ...

The view from the train window

After the multiple train and subway transfers, we were in Paris Gare de l'Est for our final train ride home. And in Gare de l'Est, the first thing I always do is drop by .... Starbucks Coffee!!!

When is Starbucks finally arriving in Metz???

I'm usually a Hot Mocha Blanc kinda girl, but today I decided to get a Coffee Jelly Frappuccino.
Not too bad. But then again, it's never bad in Starbucks.

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