Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 1 in Doha, Qatar (City Souq, Qatar Islamic Culture Center, Pinoy Stores, Marriott Hotel, and Jollibee)

It seems that aside from spending major time with family, our stay in Qatar was also about eating, eating, and more eating. Fortunately for us, that's not a bad thing at all.

Our plane landed at about 6AM. After security and visa control, we were finally out of there and looking for my sister-in-law and father-in-law. Soon after that, hugs and kisses were flying all around the place.

We were a bit tired from the plane, but the eating feast started immediately.
Our first breakfast / lunch of the trip was homemade Siomai and Pichi-Pichi from a family friend of my husband's. LO is a wonderful woman and a very good cook. We were very spoiled by LO and her husband.

After taking a long nap and just chilling in the apartment my sister-in-law, MJ, prepared for us to stay in, we decided to get and explore the city.

The City Souq - This was basically an indoor souq / market. We went in and checked out the numerous stores, but didn't find anything interesting to buy.

Qatar Islamic Culture Center - The obligatory photo in front of this beautiful monument was taken. We never got to go inside and I'm not sure if we could. But it was already pretty impressive to see it from the outside.

Filipino Supermarkets - In front of the City Souq were the Filipino stores. We decided to go in to get a snack, but I made a mental note to come back by the end of our trip for some little shopping.

One of the stores was a Filipino-style Carenderia (small eatery) which sold Siopao (Filipino Steamed Buns filled with Meat). It's been too longggg since I've had some!!!

It was just the beginning of our evening.
After eating Siopao, we made our way to the Doha Marriott Hotel.
We stayed in the lobby and ordered a tea pot of good tea.

We enjoyed our warm cup of tea while watching my sister-in-law and her Christmas Choir perform Christmas songs. I was a bit sad about not celebrating Christmas in Qatar, but it looked we would celebrate a little after all.

Any true Filipino knows what Jollibee is. I don't know a single Filipino person who is living abroad who doesn't miss Jollibee at one point in their life. I know I do. In a major way. I would probably kiss the hell out of the person who decides to open a Jollibee branch in France or close to me.

What is Jollibee you may ask? It's a Filipino fast food chain. For my part, I think it serves the best ever Fried Chicken and don't get me started on their Burger Steak with the mushroom gravy sauce. But it's nothing really special. I mean, it's no Foie Gras, nor caviar. It doesn't cost much either. But there is something about it - the taste of my childhood memories.

The after-photo.
And just like that ... the Jollibee feast was over!!!


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