Monday, January 2, 2017

My Favorites of 2016

Every year I like to make a top list of stuff I posted on this blog. Favorite meals, moments, etc ... Unfortunately this year, I've been very absent from the blog, so there was no way I could make it. But I've been active in Instagram, which I absolutely love! I'm so addicted that I think I post 1-2 photos a day. Which is why I decided to gather all of my Instagram photos of this year 2016 and choose my top 25 (it was hard to limit to 25!!!). I ended up choosing a variety of the best discoveries, surprises, and favorites of 2016.


Daniel Wellington. After seeing this Daniel Wellington watch everywhere in Instagram, I knew I needed to get one for me. I've never really liked wearing watches before, but I'm in love with this one. I always make sure I'm wearing it before I leave home.

Yankee Candle. I particularly like the tartelette, but the jars are pretty cool too. I used to go to Germany to fill up my stocks, but I'm happy to see that they have become easily accessible near where I live in the past months.

Yves Rocher. I have lived in France for 5 years now and it is only this year that I finally went in an Yves Rocher store. Why did I wait this long??? I like the face care and the nail polish, but I absolutely love the Monoi products. Shampoo, shower gel, body oil, body spray, perfume - I loved using them all during the summer.

Here's the website:

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. On November 25, Netflix released 4 new episodes nearly after 10 years since the final episode of the show. I can't even count how many times I've watched and re-watched the episodes of Gilmore Girls (and Friends ...). So I was beyond excited about this, which I binge-watched. I loved it, how about you?

Thermomix. It is an expensive product, but MR bought this baby for me. A lot of people criticize this product because of its price. But it really does make delicious ice creams / sorbets and soups. Since Autumn, I've been making vegetable soups for dinner with my Thermomix and I've never seen SO enjoy soups as much as now.


Parc Animalier Sainte Croix. Here's the link to the blog post I wrote: click here. We are definitely coming back this year for more.

Etang de la Mutche. Before moving to the city, we had the priviledge of living not too far from the Etang de la Mutche. An etang is a pond and this one was beautiful including its surroundings.

Creperie Moderne Ar Preti. Back in the summer, we were shopping one day in Waves and ended up having dinner here. We were left amazed. The interior design was really beautiful. They had swivel dining chairs, which MR fell in love with (but I can't seem to find on the internet to buy!). And the cherry on top of it all, the view and the water show every couple of minutes. The only downside was the actual food. I personally thought it was a tad bit pricey for crepes.


UEFA EURO 2016. The event of the year was definitely the european soccer championship held in France. This was a bit particular in light with the recent terrorist attacks, but it was also a joy to see people so united behind one country. I remembered driving in cities and towns where majority of people tied a French flag on their windows. Too bad the final game ended the way it did.

Weekend Staycation. When the weather started getting hot, we decided on a staycation. We didn't go very far, hence the term "staycation". We stayed in Hotel Novotel Hauconcourt, which was a mixture of good and bad. Good because of the swimming pool which is hard to find around here. Bad because the room was very old and needed a refresh. I actually vomited at 3AM because of the horrible condition of the mattress. Did the hotel do something when I mentioned it? Haha I wish! The receptionist simply batted her eyelashes at me. Which is why I classified this at the events section and not the places. I can't wait for more staycations in the future! 

SO's 8th birthday party. We were moving out of our old house at the same time, so it was a bit stressful. But it went really really well and SO and her friends had a really great time. I decided on a make-your-own-pizza party. I got some surprised looks, but I figured at 8-9 years old they could make their own pizza with adult supervision. I, of course, was in charge of the oven. The girls made really delicious pizzas and they were really proud of their products. I've no doubt that SO will remember this birthday party! 

Sentier des Lanternes. During the Christmas season, the city of Metz has the Sentier des Lanternes, which I find simply beautiful. We went back for a second time since we couldn't get enough. Just a tip: try to go when there aren't so many people. 

La Grande Roue. Since last year, La Grande Roue has transferred. It is now between the Cathedral and the City Hall. I really don't like heights, hence ferris wheels, but my husband and daughter do. I'll never get over the look of happiness SO gave me when I told I would ride with them. 

Pollution Snow. Not particularly something I enjoyed, but a discovery. We experienced for the first time the phenomenon they call "pollution snow". Eeeek!


Sushi Gourmet. This is my go-to-lunch whenever I'm in the area for work. I'm not sure this is my favorite food of all time, but I think I could eat Sushi every day.

Lindt Excellence a la pointe de piment rouge. I already knew of the chocolate with fleur de sel (sea salt), but the chocolate with piment rouge (red chili) is a very nice surprise. It's difficult to properly describe it, but the red chili leaves a final bite to the chocolate.

Class'croute. This is another of my to-go lunch place when I'm working. If I am not eating Sushi, then you can find me here. Class'croute has some great stuff, but this (photo above) is my favorite (except for the dessert which I found kinda heavy). The "La Charmeuse" Salad is a cold pasta salad with salmon flakes, accompanied by a delicious sauce and the Evian water "Fruits et Plantes - Raisin (Grapes) et Rose" is something I love drinking during the hot season.

Fruit and Chia Seed Smoothies. At the beginning of the year, I was simply obsessed with fruit smoothies and chia seeds. It's not so much the case now, since my blender is somewhere in moving boxes. But I'm sure I'll be back to that pretty soon.

Traditional English Breakfast. When I mention eating eggs for breakfast to a French person, most of the time I get shocked stares. I hesitate, but then again, I really do love eggs for breakfast. So naturally, during our trip to London, I was in my element.

Moroccan Pastries. A client of mine gave me a tupperware full of homemade Moroccan pastries. They were simply divine. I want to go to Morocco someday, hopefully soon.

Chok Die Thai. This was the first restaurant we ate at when we moved to the city. And guess what? They closed. Waaahhh! I will never forget the taste of this garlic fried fish.

Nocciolata. Recommended by a client of mine, I went straight to the store to buy this. It has since replaced Nutella in our household. Yes, it's that good! No kidding.

Lindt Sensation Fruit - Framboise and Cranberry. I'm not a fan of simple chocolate bars. I need that extra something. Red Chili, Sea Salt, but also something fruity. These chocolate-coated raspberries and cranberries are something else!

Mabuhay Garden Cafe. The Filipino bar in Luxembourg that we went to is now open for lunch and serves a Filipino food buffet. I was recently in Luxembourg with SO and there was no way we weren't eating lunch here. So if you're wondering what Filipino food is like, head over to Mabuhay Garden Cafe in Luxembourg - it's simple,but delicious. Not to mention - it's homecooked too!

Maison Bourgeon Thes Gourmands. One of my New Year resolution is to drink less coffee and more tea. I had the perfect opportunity when I received a wonderful electric kettle for Christmas. Then we were walking in the Christmas market of Metz when I stumbled upon the Maison Bourgeon tea stand. This was it and I have no regrets. I got Goji Party, Noel a Metz, and Cocktails (plus I received the tea ball for free). I am now a big fan.

So this is it. These were some of my favorites of 2016.
What about you? What were your favorites?


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