Saturday, February 25, 2017

Breakfast Waffles (Thermomix Recipe)

"Maman,  do we have to have sex to make children?"
"When do we need to have sex?"

Two heavy questions. I took a long pause as I swallowed the mouthful of waffle I had just taken. My 8-year old kid was asking me about the birds and the bees. Damn, I was not prepared.

I looked over to my husband, who was acting as if he hadn't heard anything. No sexy time for him tonight!!!

I tried to think about my own experience. How did my parents handle "the talk"?!? But my mind was a total blank. So I went with my gut. I figured I'd do the basic talk now, and when she's older and interested in boys, I'll take care of the specifics. Phewww.

Anyways ... so last June I ordered and received my Thermomix. Click here for the website. Basically, a thermomix is an advanced kitchen appliance, which does pretty much almost anything you need. It cooks, stews, boils, steams, blends, whisks, kneads, and etc ... I let my half-sister talk me into buying it, but it is expensive, which I think puts off lots of people. And others just don't believe it actually is needed in a kitchen.

Honestly, I don't think it is essential, but it does help simplify cooking. I don't regularly use it, but when I do I make excellent soups, ice cream, desserts, and pasta sauce.

Because it is the weekend, I thought I would do something special for breakfast today. Which is why I thought of making Waffles. Yummmm. In just 3 moves, put in ingredients + mix + transfer to a bowl, we were batter-ready.

Waffles (made with the Thermomix)
-makes 12 waffles

*250g. flour
*5g. baking powder
*30g. sugar
*2 eggs
*360g. milk
*40g. butter, in cubes
*1 pinch salt

*Add the ingredients in the thermomix.
*Mix 20 seconds / speed 9
*Transfer to a bowl and let it rest for 1 hour
*Heat the waffle maker
*Pour the mixture in the waffle maker and cook


This was a day of firsts. First time to make breakfast waffles, first time to make a waffle batter using the thermomix, and first time to use my waffle-maker. It is a Tefal waffle-maker which I bought at a garage sale last year. 3 Euros only. Thankfully, it was working.

Anyone who knows me knows that I do things right. By that, I mean we couldn't have just waffles for breakfast of course. While cooking the waffles, I prepared whipped cream, warm chocolate sauce, and sliced fresh strawberries. 

Good morning!!! :)
Hmmmm ... I'm dying to make salty waffles now.  


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