Friday, February 10, 2017

Feel Unique Haul #1

I stumbled on the Feel Unique site one Saturday evening about 3 weeks ago. I've started a liking for make-up lately, which was never the case when I was younger. I was always a no make-up kinda girl in my twenties and I never really understood its importance. But truthfully, nowadays, there are sooooo many choices on the market and I've become more and more interested. I still prefer to keep my make-up at a minimum, but I like it.

The main problem about make-up though is the price. 50 Euros for a eyeshadow palette!!! Heck, I find that really expensive. So unless, you're a beauty youtuber or influencer who receives free products to test and review, this stuff is expensive! So I was only too happy to see the on-going sale on Feel Unique with prices reduced to up to 70% off. The opportunity had just presented itself.

I'm always a little bit hesitant about purchasing stuff online, but with our busy lifestyle it is sometimes such a lifesaver. So keeping in mind the 50 Euros budget I gave myself, I happily browsed through the site - feeling like a kid in a candy store. Everything was paid for on the site and exactly one week later, the box was on my kitchen counter waiting for me to open it.

So what did I order?

*Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter (Sin) - 18.30 Euros
*Badger Balm Mini-Night Night Balm - 3.90 Euros
*Tangle Teezer Compact Brush Metallic Gold - 9.90 Euros
*Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Original) - 15.00 Euros

Feel Unique also included 2 samples: Sauvage from Dior and Atoderm Shower Oil from Bioderma.

If you want to order from their site and 25% off your first order : click on this link.


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