Sunday, February 5, 2017

Villaggio Mall in Doha, Qatar

On our second day in Doha, Qatar, we decided to go to the Villaggio Mall after lunch. By we, I mean, my sister-in-law, MJ, my daughter, SO, and I while my husband stayed at the apartment with his father and brother.

The Villaggio Mall is a shopping center in Doha which is the home of many stores, brands, and restaurants. You can't go wrong here. Just be careful not to overuse that credit card too much! *wink*

Just outside the mall, we couldn't help but take a photo of The Torch Doha, or the Aspire Tower. This is a skyscraper hotel. Too bad we didn't go in to see how it is from the inside. I wonder how much a night must cost.

Be ready to be "wowed" when you step inside the mall. The interiors are Italian-themed and it is simply beautiful. I grew up in the Philippines, so I'm not totally unfamiliar with malls, but where I currently live right now (Metz, France), there's nothing that comes close to this.

When you look up, you realize that no matter what the weather is outside, inside it is always blue skies and white clouds. The ceiling is stunning. SO particularly, like most kids I suppose, loved the echoing dome. I don't remember now what phrase she kept repeating then, but we were laughing really hard.

A little preview of the UEFA Euro 2016 competition. Too bad it ended the way it did for the French team. That was hard to get over!

Like I previously mentioned, there are many restaurants. Some I knew from the Philippines like TGI Fridays (click here and here). And others, like P.F. Chang's which was completely new to me. I made a mental note to come back for a meal here.

Cold Stone Creamery. Here, you don't only get delicious ice cream, but you're given a little show as well. You choose what you want (the flavor, the toppings) and then the ice cream is flung around from end to the other, from one person to another, until it finally reaches its final destination - your cup. I love it! <3

Pinkberry. I love ice cream, but I love frozen yogurt just as much. Pinkberry wasn't available in Cebu when I was living there, and I wonder if it is now. Back then, we had Yo-Go Boy (click here) and Red Mango (click here) amongst others. This is exactly how I love my frozen yogurt (fresh fruits and almond for the bite).

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. While I was enjoying my frozen yogurt, SO was busy falling head over heels with these doughnuts. We had so many doughnuts on this trip, that I can't understand how our sugar level didn't shoot up. Personally the original glazed doughnuts are my favorite. It's a shame that there isn't a branch in France!

Al Mandarin. We washed down all that sweetness with more sweets. That makes perfect sense. LOL. This strawberry-vanilla ice cream-mango special shake was refreshing with a hint of sourness which I love!

To burn the recently consumed calories, we decided to finally shop a bit. The mall is so vast that you definitely have room to walk and burn those calories. Plus it was a couple of days before Christmas, so we had to get on with those last-minute buys before the big day. Not that we'd ever need an excuse to shop. :)

To keep up with the whole Italian vibe going on, there is also ....... a Venetian-style river with a Gondola ride you have to pay. How cool is that?! We didn't ride that day, but we came back with the whole fambam a couple of days after and you can be sure we enjoyed the ride. It was our small preview of Venice.

I highly recommend going to the Villaggio Mall in Doha, Qatar. I have noticed that restaurants are cheaper than in France, but some of the stores sell their products are at higher price. Desigual, for instance. And then, there are stores that are unfortunately not available in France. There's also a section which caters to the high-end and luxury brands. As you can probably imagine, I didn't stay too long in that area. But it's so huge that there is something for everyone here. Plus, did I mention the beautiful interior decors to admire??? So if you are in the city, I personally think it is a must to come here.


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