Friday, April 14, 2017

English Sunday Roast

We've been thinking about going to London for a weekend escapade lately. MR hasn't been there yet, but with his Filipino passport, we have to file a visa in Paris weeks before actually going. It's a bit of a hassle with our busy schedule, but there's really no way around it. We'll just have to see.

On another note, spring has finally arrived in Metz and what a joy it's been. We've been going out more, especially to the city center. The Cathedral in Metz leaves me breathless every time by its beauty. 

If I'm not mistaken, there are 2 movie house cinemas in the city center of Metz. The Cameo features mostly independent movies, while the Cinéma Palace features more of the commercialized movies. We used to go watch movies in the Kinepolis movie house cinema, until I found out recently that the Cinéma Palace features some of the movies in its original version. That changed everything for me. Example - I hated Deadpool when it was dubbed in French, but I loved it in its original English version.

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That weekend we decided to watch Beauty and the Beast. Initially, it was supposed to be just SO, my daughter, and I, but MR, my husband, decided to join in on us. In the end, I think he enjoyed the movie the most. Who knew my hubby was such a Disney fan. But kidding aside, it was a really good movie and I'm so happy that we got to watch it in English!

So with all these talks of going to London lately and watching Emma Watson on screen, I've been craving for English food. I love cooking and I love challenges, so I started looking up what a traditional English Sunday Roast looked like. Thank goodness for internet!

I spent the whole Sunday morning preparing for our lunch, but it was so worth it!
We had Roasted Beef with its Gravy, Baked Tomatoes, Roasted Carrots, Buttered Green Beans, and for the first time homemade Yorkshire Pudding. This was also our first time to eat these little babies and we were amazed. It definitely changed from what we normally eat and we loved that.

For dessert, I also prepared a Rhubarb Tart, which is more French than English. But anyways ...
I made the crust using my thermomix (I have a TM5) and it was so good. SO is not the dessert-type at all, but she kept asking for more. That's a first.

Like I mentioned earlier, it is finally Spring here. And so, we decided to end our weekend in the Plan d'Eau of Metz. Metz is known to be one of the greenest city in France. We love exploring and discovering all the corners of this city!


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